Utilizing the knowledge of experts in domestic highest-level flame-retarding technology belonging to our society, we provide appropriate and specific advices on research and development, productization, and product improvement by companies related to flame retardant materials, contributing to advancement of outsourcing companies and related industries.

Contents of consulting

We provide consulting services with the following contents. In addition to them, we respond to other subjects for your requests. 

1 Explanation from basic to application of flame retarding and related technologies

  • Basic of plastics (structure and main characteristics), Environmental measures (recycling, biomass utilization, biodegradability, etc.)
  • Flame- retarding mechanism (combustion phenomenon, factors and mechanism of flame retardant)
  • Types and prescriptions of flame retardants
    Halogen-type, phosphorus-type, metal hydroxide-type, silicone-type, etc.
  • Flame retardant formulations and highly functional formulations by type of plastics
    polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyolefin, epoxy resin, etc.
    biomass-based type:  polylactic acid, cellulose resin system, etc.
  • Evaluation method
    UL, oxygen index, corn calory meter, etc.
  • Measures to flame retarding and high functionality of plastics used in products electronic products (housing materials, mounting and packaging materials), automobiles, building materials, etc.

2 Advice and development support for individual customer’s issues

  • Appointing an appropriate expert for each project to respond after understanding the contents of the issues.
  • Responding from short to long term depending on subjects.

3 Provision of information on regulatory trends

 Providing information on regulatory trends related to flame retardants in Japan, Europe and the U.S.

* We respond to complex issues from 1 to 3, and individual seminars (business trip seminars) within companies.

Inquiries and responses

Contact our consulting desk (division representative: Masatoshi Iji) by e-mail with an overview of the request. (send to the following two destinations)


After the person in charge asks for the details of the project, we will appoint an appropriate expert, compile the contents of the consultation, and submit a price estimate. 

Confidentiality:  Including consultation, the contents entrusted with are managed severely in an independent organization called the investigation and research division (see the organization chart of SFRM).


The fee will be consulted separately.