What is Society of Flame Retardant Materials (SFRM)?

SFRM was established in 1996 as the only society in Japan, specializing in flame retardant 


First President: Kunihiko Takeda D.Eng. (Chubu University)
2nd President: Hitoshi Nishizawa  (Nishizawa Institute of Technology)
3rd President: Masayuki Okoshi, Ph.D. (Gifu University)

Research presentations have already been held more than 20 times, and symposiums have been held once or twice a year to promote flame retardant materials. However, the electronic industries, which are the main applications of flame retardant materials, are becoming increasingly severe, and the decline in domestic market share due to the shift to Asia and recent regulatory trends continue not to be allowed for any predictions. On the other hand, there has been an increase in the number of accidents that have made us aware of the need for fire prevention. In addition, there is a situation of increasing the demand for flame retarding by promoting the use of vehicle EVs. Based on these current situations, we strongly recognize that flame retarding, which is an effective means of initial fire extinguishing and earning evacuation time, is one of the essential technologies. Therefore, since 2015, we have expanded our scope not only to research and development of flame retardant materials, but also to applications of them.

SFRM Philosophy and Mission

In order to promote and develop flame retardant materials and their peripheral technologies, which are effective means of initial fire extinguishing and earning evacuation time, as a precaution against fires, we respond to the requests of each company, etc., spread the achievements, and propose them through education, research, and investigation, contributing to the advancements of international community, science and technology in Japan, and industrial economy, and also, the realization of a safe and relief society.

Three Activities and Four Fields