Society of Flame Retardant Materials

One of the ways to protect citizen’s lives and property from fire is flame-retarding.

Society of flame retardant materials is the only society dealing with flame retardant materials in Japan. The purpose is to improve foundation of flame-retardant technologies by sharing and researching them and their peripheral technologies. By taking this technical level to a global-leading class and the spread of it, we aim to establish an outstanding fire protection rate for the lives and property of the citizen. The activities are shown as follows.

1.Education :  Holding seminars for the spread and development of flame-retardant materials and peripheral technologies, and implementation of lectures on human resources development

2.Investigation / Research :  Research projects on flame-retardant materials, consulting business, etc.

3.Popularization and Promotion : Collection and disclosure of articles related to flame-retardant materials and technologies, compilation of publications, collaboration and exchange projects with related organizations such as industry-academia-government joint research programs, interchange meetings, and research forums.